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by Sebastien Mirolo on Mon, 14 Nov 2011

I switched from to Thunderbird a couple years ago because I needed the ability to send GPG encrypted emails.

No surprise, integrates much better with the rest of Apple software especially the Calendar. Also does not prompt me to upgrade to a new version every week randomly disabling useful "incompatible-with-this-version" plug-ins like Thunderbird does these days.

Since the number of encrypted emails I exchange is very small these days, I decided to switch back to

In order to do that, I was prepared to write some conversion scripts after researching the emlx format, Mbox vs Maildir and some already written conversion script. I though stumble upon the following thread and realized I might just be able to import my Thunderbird mbox files directly.

I first localized the mbox files I cared about; that is the inbox and sent messages.

$ find ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/ -name 'INBOX'
$ find ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/ -name 'Sent'

It turned out I also needed all mbox files in the "Mail/Local Folders". That made 15 files to import total. Great! that is still manageable manually. Then I opened, clicked File > Import > From Thunderbird, browsed to ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/ and clicked OK. The mbox files I wanted to import where all there. I ended-up with an Import folder under "ON MY MAC" that I sorted into different archives folders. The sorting took a while but the whole process was so easy after all!

I also had to create HTML signatures for for a few new accounts. It looks very much back channel but those steps worked. I found the key matching my signature and renamed the saved .webarchive as such.

by Sebastien Mirolo on Mon, 14 Nov 2011