The world is facing immense challenges ahead. Innovation requires the widest range of people having access to advanced technologies at accessible prices.

Area matters. Power matters. Productivity matters.

We live in a fast paced complex world. Fortylines is proud to help people get deeper insights into their IC design and move forward faster.

Today you are using antique tools and remote X11 sessions to analyze simulation traces. Why not interact with traces using high-tech touch interfaces straight out of a movie? With fortylines you can.

Fortylines focuses on helping Verilog tinkerers close the edit-simulate-debug cycle for projects hosted on github. Get access to a wave viewer in par with the best VCD Viewer on the market, all from within web browser, or touch-based devices like the iPad.

IC projects that require significant simulation time. Today you buy computers and tool licenses upfront, then spend hours dealing with the IT headache of pieces that don't quite fit. Why not focus your energy on designing Integrated Circuits instead? Why not leverage the cloud?

Fortylines supports your startup by providing dedicated openstack cluster when needed.

Today you are scrapping the surface of information available in your simulation traces. Why not leverage years of research in statistical analysis and big data intelligence to gain a multi-level understanding of your IC design?

Only a fully-integrated cloud solution will help you gain a multi-faceted understanding of your IC designs and make the appropriate trade-offs.